Your Hair is an Important Part of Your Identity

For most men, having a full head of hair indicates youth and vigor. When that hair starts falling out, men often feel a loss of control and feelings of isolation. And they worry that they look older than they really are—and less attractive.

Years ago, there weren’t too many options for fixing hair loss, other than the dreaded hairpiece. Today, luckily, there are some very effective ways to restore your hair to a healthier, more youthful state.

In fact, there are so many hair loss products available today that the consumer is often confused about which ones are effective and which ones are scams. There’s a lot of misinformation out there. What follows is a simple guide to the best hair loss solutions available today.

When hair loss experts talks about what really works, they commonly refer to “the Big 3”. These are the only hair loss treatments you should consider. (Please note: if you notice your hair starting to fall out, act NOW! The longer you wait, the less successful any hair loss treatment will be).

Without further ado, “the Big 3” are:

• Minoxidil
• Finasteride
• Hair Transplants

Now, there are considerable differences between these hair loss treatments. Minoxidil, which can be found in popular products such as Provillus and Scalp Med, is applied topically and finasteride is taken orally. Both are chemicals that have been approved by the FDA. A hair transplant, on the other hand, is a surgical procedure.

In the following sections, I’ll cover each hair loss treatment for men in a little more detail, and recommend some products and resources that can help you start the process of restoring your hair, and your confidence.

Thirty years ago, minoxidil was taken as a vitamin to reduce high blood pressure. By accident, someone discovered that this chemical, when applied topically, could grow hair. I think we all know the rest of the story.

Today, minoxidil is perhaps the best-selling hair loss treatment for men and women. You can buy it over the counter at many stores and simply apply it to your scalp daily.

After using Provillus, many men will notice an increase in at first, but that’s normal and is called “shedding.” Shedding is when old, damaged hair falls out. This old hair will then be replaced by new, healthy hair.

Most users find minoxidil to be an effective hair loss treatment. It’s also the cheapest option. The only problem with minoxidil is that users often experience a dry, irritated, and itchy scalp, resulting in dandruff. Fortunately, there is a solution for this problem.

If you want to experience the benefits of minoxidil without suffering from an irritated, itchy scalp, then you should try Provillus. The main ingredient in Provillus is minoxidil, but it also contains unique moisturizers and vitamins to sooth the head and stop it from drying out.

Provillus (2)

This is why people choose Provillus. There’s another good reason as well. Provillus comes with a special vitamin that stimulates hair growth from within the body. This vitamins features a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that can have a positive effect upon hair growth.

So Provillus basically works in two ways: the topical solution stimulates hair growth from the outside of the body, and the oral vitamin stimulates hair growth from the inside of the body. It’s a very powerful combination that is far superior to simply applying basic minoxidil.

Provillus is also reasonably inexpensive. If you order a six-month supply, the cost works out to about a dollar a day. For most men, that’s a reasonable price to pay for strong, healthy hair that doesn’t fall out. Once again, don’t wait until most of your hair falls out before trying Provillus. You’ll get better results the sooner you start.

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